Saturday, 12 January 2013

Calling all Crafty Beggars

I would like to start a little crafters club, meeting monthly on the 1st Saturday of the month, 11.30 to 1.30 at Beggars Belief Coffee Cove in Portsoy. The idea is to bring along whatever you are working on at the time & meet for chat & general merriment. I thought it would give some of us a chance to learn different crafts from each other too, & to help us with any crafty problems we might be having. 
If you'd be interested, just post here or on FB & we'll take it from there.The name of the group just HAS to be 'Crafty Beggars'!!!
(this is one of the magnetic tiles I make for Beggars Belief, OF Beggars Belief!)