Monday, 21 November 2016

Hark!The Heraldry Angels Sing.....

As I set about doing the personal research for each new Monogram order I get, I have found myself turning to Heraldry for inspiration, & what a huge seam of inspiration I have tapped into! I had no idea the level of intricacy & depth of history that was involved. All I want to do now is learn more & more about the subject, but damn it there is work to be done, a dog to be walked, food to prepare et al. This is how arty types forget to do the housework!

The Coats of Arms & Crests themselves are like open books of knowledge just ready to be gleaned for those with the interest & patience to go gleaning!And there's Latin too, how bloomin' marvellous is that? I love finding out what the Latin roots of our language are & here was an excuse to do it. I looked up one term I didn't understand, found it, thought 'Oh Yes, that was obvious!Ooh, what's that one, oh, & that one?' And so the learning & evil side-tracking began.
Having started out by using mini representations of the whole Arms, my brain , which naturally homes in on minutiae without any encouragement from me, made me look at the endless different symbols & icons used to make up the whole design. Oh my Giddy Aunt! That was when the eureka moment came charging in....I could make Tangle patterns based on these symbols, just for the Monogram I was doing. Oh joy! The Heraldry Angels started to sing their little hearts out.

I shall find some suitable examples of what all this rambling has been about for my next post.....