Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Pinterest Schminterest

Jeeeez! This techno lark is not good for my health. I've been trying in vain to install a Pinterest button on the blog, but will it work? NO bloomin' way. I've resorted to appealing to Pinterest to sort it for me.

Other than that I've been working on a 'Funky Thistle' for one of my regular customers. She wants me to do it in the style of another artist, which is not something I've done before. I've come up with something I hope is somewhere near to what she had in mind & am emailing a photo to her for the verdict. When you work alone I find it takes a certain amount of nerve on my part to submit my interpretation of what is in someone else's head, directly to that person without having had the luxury of a second opinion . A bit like being on a trapeze with no safety net I imagine.I just have to throw myself out there, into the spotlight & hope for the best.I won't mind doing it again if it's not right, I'm here to give people what they want after all, but it's still a tad nerve-racking until you hear what they think.

Here's a look at my prep work for the Thistle. At some point I 'saw' this spattered background, so I tried it & took Elsie (my Westie) for a walk while it dried.
Speaking of Elsie, it's time for her tea & I can feel a cuppa coming on, maybe with a couple of white chocolate mice, one of my current addictions!