Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Sitting in the waiting room at the dentist in Banff this morning(which used to have a medal-worthy view over the bay until some swine built houses smack bang in the way!), mentally preparing for over an hour of root work, I spied these jaggy wee berries on dry spindly branches. I don't know why they caught my eye, but as they did, I thought they were sketchworthy. Sketchworthy isn't really a word I don't think, but get used to it, as I write as I would speak, & that can be a little on the bizarre side.
I dare-say I'll include a version of my Toothberries in a future Tangle (as in the art of Zentangle). Zentangle features heavily in my art & inspiration. It's so dangerously addictive that it becomes all you want to do in every spare moment seeing Tangle-fodder everywhere you look, even at the dentist!