Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stash Busting

I heard of Stash Busting a while ago & decided now was a good time to put it into operation. It consists of delving into every drawer, cupboard & cubby hole in your workrooms & rediscovering supplies you had long forgotten . Things you bought on impulse yonks ago but never got round to using, bits & bobs people have given you 'just in case you can use them', little plastic containers marked 'MISC'.

The idea is that you test your creativity & stop buying anything new until  you've used up what you've already got. I did this when I found some buried tubs of wired beads back in the autumn. I loved the look of them, but had never thought of a suitable use.They came into their own when I started decorating letters for Christmas stock (see left).
 Here are some other items featuring bits from my Stash Busting. I've got loads more to sort through & use up. It's fun trying & it saves you money. Happy Busting.

If any of you have a go yourselves, I'd love to see what you make.You can post them onto my FB page (Anne Rhynas), if you like.
The metal disc from the top of a Champagne cork

From a heap of collected driftwood that was  loitering outside my workroom for a year!

Unused quilling bits that I found in a little meat paste jar under my work table.

Wooden coaster from a bunch taken when a local shop  was clearing out its  display equipment.A dog lead peg.