Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stock Making

Most of my friends, who know of my disinterest in cooking will know that the title of this post has nothing to do with soup or stew. I've been making stock for Beggars Belief in Portsoy. They want some keyring letters & some of the wooden peg plaques.The trouble I have with making this kind of stock is not a lack of onions, but trying to predict which initials are more likely to sell, balanced with what I have to hand.

It's tricky keeping all the letters in stock too, so I made an impromptu chart to try & help. I'm going to print it out properly  with 'order up to' quantities for each letter plus what I have in stock, then just  subtract one from the other for the order quantity. This system flashed back into my mind from my days as a Dispenser with Boots the Chemist. Each jar & packet had a card attached to it with this info.on to avoid over or understocks. Frighteningly, stock control was something I always enjoyed at Boots!

Here's the Keyrings I made for Beggars Belief today.