Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Sorry to have been AWOL for a few weeks, but that's the nature of this depressive illness lark, sometimes I'm wading through mud to achieve anything, other times there's no stopping me!

 I found a Tangle Pattern which really has a strong meditative effect on me. It's called Cockles & Mussels & I have the urge to keep drawing it for some reason. My method is not in fact the official one, but it's mine!
 It's a bit different in that it starts with a jumbled zig-zag string & only has one repeated stroke, which I believe is the key to the meditative effect that Zentangle has on your brain. Having also practiced Yoga & meditation at times in my life I can say that constant repeating of one stroke is akin to reciting a mantra over & over again, hence the calming effect. Well that's MY theory anyway! It's the shading that truly brings out the magic of the finished design, as with most Tangles, but the therapeutic part for me is the repeated strokes.
I got so into it that I did the first round of strokes with a 0.1 nib, then went over the whole thing again with a 0.05 to give added detail. I love the look of this one.
Cockles & Mussels was originally designed by Margaret Bremner, across The Pond.