Thursday, 14 March 2013

What next......?

A large part of the art of Zentangle is asking yourself, 'What next?' repeatedly during creation of your Tangles. One night in bed last week I decided to do an experiment with this notion. I started with a tiny circle in the middle of my blank square then asked  'What next?', made my next stroke which was simply to aura the circle with another one.I carried on in this fashion, repeatedly asking 'What next?' after each new stroke, until it became what you see in this rough sketch.

When I finished it the petal shape spoke to me, creating itself into a drooping flower head, then 'What next?' gave me a little bug creature. I love the shapes that evolved from the original Tangle & I'll use them in an order for an illustrated poem I have to do next. The work is still at the 'percolating' stage in my mind, but creating this drooping flower & bug has taken things a step further. 

Whatever Next?!!